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About the Cisco 642-887 detailed introduction

  • Description

642-887 Spcore implements a Cisco service provider next-generation core Network service exam.

  • Purpose

This exam tests candidates ‘ knowledge of the concept and implementation of MPLS technology and mpls-te services.It also validates the understanding of basic quality of service technology principles and the quality of multi-protocol label Exchange (MPLS) services to achieve advanced features and functionality.

  • SPCORE Exam Topics
1.0 Service Provider IP QOS in the NGN environment 38%
2.0 Service Provider IP MPLS / LDP in NGN Environment 32%
3.0 Service Provider IP MPLS / LDP in NGN Environment 22%
4.0 Transportation Technology 8%

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Cisco Learning Method

Cisco exam.There have been many students who are asking, how should Cisco learn? Here I am talking about my thoughts.

1. If you have the conditions, report to the class and choose a good training center. It is necessary to investigate the training center teachers, teaching mode, hardware facilities and word of mouth.

  • Teachers are the most important. A good teacher will help you a lot in your study and even your career. How to judge the pros and cons of a teacher?

First, of course, his level of knowledge and teaching skills. Personally, unless a teacher is very famous and does not need any certification, the higher the qualification, the better. I don’t think a teacher with a NA certificate can teach students NA. His knowledge and depth of knowledge are limited and cannot be expanded too much. The same is true, NP is the same. Teaching techniques can be audited in person or from previous students. Second, the teacher’s sense of responsibility. Needless to say, this point. Third, the teacher’s grasp of the state of the industry should not be limited to book knowledge, and must have practical engineering experience and keep pace with technological development.

  • Teaching mode. The teaching model of the training center has a direct interest to us. Is it enough to listen to a round of lessons? How much time can I experiment? Can you choose your favorite teacher to attend class and so on. These are all determined by the training center system and should be clearly understood before the class is reported.
  • Hardware facilities. Understand whether there are real equipment, how many equipment, how many students can be used, and whether it can meet the experimental needs of learning.
  • Word of mouth. You can investigate from online, friends, and trainees who have been to this training center. But remember not to listen to the words of a family. Cisco 642 887 exam study guide.Some people may be maliciously injured because of competition and so on. Listen to a few comments and combine your own judgments.

2.If you are self-study, you must first collect and collect information.

  • Now there’s a lot of video teaching material on the internet, and it’s all free. You can choose a better download to see below. Before downloading, it is recommended to extract one of the audition sounds first. The content may not be understood, listen to his teaching methods.
  • Learn about the teaching materials you need to learn. Buying books is still better than e-books, although e-books are free, but look tired, it is not convenient to record.
  • No real device can only use the simulator, but now the simulator can simulate more than 90% of the experiment, NANP is basically enough. But look at Cisco’s product manuals a lot, and understand that routers are long-lived, with long switches, various modules, ports, and cables. Don’t laugh, I really haven’t seen a router after a friend has finished testing NP. Since the simulator can’t simulate the physical environment of the real device, it is better to have access to the device, which is very helpful for future work.
  • Self-study lacks the environment and atmosphere of the training class, which needs to be compensated by itself. Find a good forum for a good website, find a few friends who work hard with yourself, and so on.

3.After talking about the objective reasons, talk about how to learn after finishing the class/self-study.

  • If you have read the book before class, it is of course the best foundation. If you don’t have it, don’t worry about it. Listen to the class with a hard scalp. This round of classes is very painful, because you may not know 50%. It is like a book of the heavens. You must stick to it, take more notes, understand as much as you can, and do not understand it. If you don’t know much about it after a round of classes, you don’t need to experiment. At this time, reading the book and reading the book according to the order of the teacher’s lectures (the order of the book layout is different from the teacher’s teaching arrangement, and it will help you understand according to the teacher’s teaching arrangement). After reading it, the outline of the whole should be much clearer. After listening to the lesson carefully, you can understand 80%-90% and it is OK. Experiment with each other after class to verify the principle you learned.
  • If you don’t understand something, don’t rush to ask for help. If you want to find a solution, you can’t help your teacher or classmate. This will help you to think independently and solve problems independently.642-887 Certification Exam. If you have someone to help if you have a problem, what is the network engineer? That is the typist of the network code. For example, the problem of subnetting, someone asked me how to divide, I asked him “Tell me, what is subnetting? What is the process of subnetting? What are the requirements you know now? Several departments A few nodes? Wait. In the end, he answered all these questions and he has already divided them. In fact, you have the ability to do it yourself, give more confidence, you can do it!
  • A person struggles alone, you need to find a small group that fights together. The classmates in the training class are a very good choice, and self-study friends can find a learning partner from the forum. Discuss technology, discuss experiments, and attack each other’s loopholes every day. This group grows and you will grow up with it.